Bridge Officers

Commander Cdr Ed Oeters, SN

Ed grew up in Raleigh and bought his first boat while a junior in high school. After 4 years in the US Air Force, Ed graduated from North Carolina State University with a BS Electrical Engineering degree. Adventure led west with time in the oil patch logging oil and gas wells. He was a Reservoir Engineer and Production Engineer before returning to North Carolina for a 25-year career in software development. Ed and his wife Maureen originally joined the Raleigh Power Squadron and transferred membership to the Cape Fear Sail & Power Squadron when they relocated to Wilmington in 2001. Currently a holder of a 100 Ton Master USCG License, Ed is a partner in Wilmington Water Tours, LLC, a tour boat company in downtown Wilmington on the Cape Fear River. You will normally find Ed on his personal boat, CEILI, a 47-foot 4788 Pilot House Bayliner, normally docked downtown at Port City Marina.

Executive Officer Vacant

Education Officer Lt/C Ned Rhodes, SN
Ned relocated to the Wilmington area from Northern Virginia a few years ago to get away from all the traffic and to be near the beach. With his wife Arleen and golden retriever Katie, they enjoy cruising on their Sea Ray 410 Express, Impulse, and their 13-foot Boston Whaler. Ned holds a 100-Ton USCG Captains license and often brags that he has never run aground when anyone else was around (so there is no evidence). He is President of Software Systems Group that develops custom software for corporate clients.
Administrative Officer Lt/C Otis White, S

Otis retired as Faculty Chair for Business, Management and Public Administration at Rio Salado College. He continues as a faculty member in the School of Public Affairs at Arizona State University where he teaches Public Sector Leadership online. For over 25 years he has taught classes in entrepreneurship, business statistics, human resources, public leadership and a wide variety of management courses in both the community college and university settings. Before joining academia, he created and ran two companies. One in the advertising and public relations arena and the other in strategic planning for large family owned companies. His entrepreneurial career spanned over 21 years and his academic career has continued for an additional 25 years. His family includes his wife Barbara, son Robert and daughter Heather. Between their son and daughter they have five grandchildren. Three are in Minneapolis and two are in Palmyra VA. His boat is a completely rebuilt classic 22-foot Shamrock inboard named Potential II. Barbara and Otis moved to Wilmington permanently in 2016 after retirement but have been traveling here regularly since 2011 to visit grandchildren and family. His local interests include boating on the NE Cape Fear River and the ecology of the river environment as well as the history of the Cape Fear area.

Secretary Lt/C Bob Smith, S

Bob and his wife Deb moved from Princeton, NJ, to Wilmington in the summer of 2012 after many visits to Deb’s parents who have lived in Wilmington for over 25 years. Bob & Deb joined the Cape Fear Sail & Power Squadron in 2013, and Bob served as Membership Chair in 2015 & 2016. And, served as Administrative Officer in 2017. With more than 30 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, Bob now works as a private consultant providing and/or supervising the statistical support for the design, analysis, and reporting of clinical trials in many therapeutic areas and in all phases of drug development. He has authored and co-authored several papers and presentations on applications of statistics to clinical trials. Bob received his Master of Science degree in Mathematics from Syracuse University and his Doctor of Philosophy degree in Statistics from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He is a member of the Biopharmaceutical and Biometric Sections of the American Statistical Association, and the Eastern North American Region of the International Biometric Society.


Treasurer Lt/C Steve Thompson, JN

Steve retired from the U.S. Army in 1998 and later from the Department of the Interior where he worked in the information security field. Steve and his wife, Susan, moved to Wilmington in late 2011, both now retired. With a deep love of the water, Steve bought his first boat in 2001 and has been active in boating organizations ever since. He is an active member of the Coast Guard Auxiliary, joining that organization in 2002. You may find him on his boat, Forever Dreamin’, conducting marine event safety patrols for the Coast Guard. He joined the United States Power Squadrons® in 2012 and is a Certified Instructor. While enjoying their boat, Steve and Susan live by one basic rule: The Captain makes all the important decisions; the First Mate decides which decisions are important!

Past Commander P/C Ron Tilmon, SN-CN

Ron grew up in the small cotton-farming town of Braggadocio, MO. After graduating from High School, he attended Southeast Missouri State University and after graduating from there with a B.S. in Business Administration, he joined the Air Force and was commissioned as an Officer and became a Communications-Electronics Officer. He served in that capacity with travels throughout the world and eventually retired as a Lt Co in 1985. Following his retirement, he took a job as a Program Manager with Northern Telecom and eventually became a District Manager and served until 1997. He then relocated to Wilmington, NC and joined the Cape Fear Sail & Power Squadron in 2001. He was elected Commander in 2012 and 2018.

Elected Assistants

Assist. Education Officer 1/Lt Meg Morrison, JN

Meg learned to sail at as a teenager at Camp Westminster on Higgins Lake, MI and raced on 470s at the University of Michigan. Throughout her career as an environmental engineer at a consulting firm, she and friends vacationed by bare-boat chartering with sailboats in the Caribbean islands. In 1997 she attended the Chapman School of Seamanship in Stuart, FL and earned her USCG 100-ton Captain license. In 2000 she sailed across the Atlantic Ocean with 4 friends on a 50-foot sloop. She recently bought a 40-foot Endeavor sailboat and enjoys sailing out the Masonboro Inlet. Meg is a member of the District 27’s Navigator or “N” club and cherishes the comradery of the Cape Fear Sail & Power Squadron. She was part of the Kids and Boating class at the Wildlife Expo and enjoys coordinating the ABC course. She has participated in many of the Squadron courses and is a Certified Instructor. Meg moved to Wilmington in 2011 to be closer to her parents who retired here in 1992.

Assist. Administrative Officer 1/Lt Mary Jo Worcester, S

Mary Jo was born in Ohio and met her husband Steve in Kindergarten. She worked for the General Accounting Office and the Department of Defense, retiring after a 24-year government career. Their first boat was purchased in 1983 after “sailing” with friends on the Potomac River. However, as sailing was not in her blood, Her Choice, a 21-foot Bayliner was purchased. Two years later a 27-foot Sea Ray was acquired. Boating became their family’s first love. The Annapolis Boat Show was attended every year and that’s when a 36-foot Cruisers came into their lives, the first Saint ‘n’ Sinner, and 10 years later, the second Saint ‘n’ Sinner, a 42-foot Jefferson motor yacht. She has held many positions starting with the Membership Chair and filling all the Bridge positions and served as Commander in 2008. Many years have been spent cruising the local waters as well as trips to Beaufort, New Bern, Oriental, Savannah, Charleston, and as far south as Key West. A third Saint ‘n’ Sinner, a 42-foot Sea Ray is now their boat of choice.

Assist. Secretary 1/Lt Jean Stacy, S

Jean was born into an Air Force family in Roswell, NM and lived in the states of NM, NH, GA, IL, CA, CT, TX and NC. She was a legal secretary for some top law firms in Chicago and San Francisco. She loves the adventures of traveling, always ready to go. She has been married to P/C Mark Stacy, AP for 40 years, and together they share their love of traveling to Europe. They have one son and one granddaughter, both living in NC. She joined the Squadron in 2005 when they bought their first boat, a 26-foot SeaRay Express Cruiser. Then they moved up to a 36-foot Maxum Express Cruiser. Both boats were named Windansea from a beach that P/C Stacy grew up on. For 14 years, they have participated in many cruises with the squadron until recently when they sold Windansea. She was Editor and Publisher of the Foghorn for over five years, as well as a team player on many other activities with the Squadron. Currently she holds a “Proofer” position for the Foghorn, fliers, and other communications of the Squadron. Her background as a legal secretary prepared her for many volunteer opportunities over the years, and she continues to be an avid volunteer for numerous causes.

Assist. Treasurer Vacant

Members at Large

1st Member at Large Vacant

2nd Member at Large Vacant

3rd Member at Large Lt David Parker, S

David is a native of Florence, AL turning 70 on his next birthday. He grew up on the TVA lakes of the Tennessee River running an outboard speedboat and water skiing. He went to college at the University of the South in Sewanee, Tennessee (class of ‘71), and law school at the University of Virginia (class of ‘74). Around 1976 he moved to Washington DC where he practiced law in a corporate legal department and two law firms. There he started boating on the Potomac River and the Chesapeake Bay. He learned what advantages of a single screw inboard has backing up, and experienced situations where the water coverage over the ground was thinner than the draft of his boat. Since 1999 he and his wife Lesley have done most of their boating on a 41’ diesel Express Cruiser Comet. They have taken her to New England multiple times but mostly have run in the Chesapeake Bay. He retired and brought Comet to Wilmington in 2017 and is still getting acquainted with these local waters.


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