The Cape Fear Sail & Power Squadron is a Unit of the 
United States Power Squadrons®,District 27.
“We boat together, learn together, help each other and help the boating community.”

This America's Boating Club of Cape Fear™ covers the greater Wilmington area in southeastern North Carolina.


America's Boating Course


Learn the fundamentals of safe boat handling and operation plus basic piloting in this comprehensive classroom course. This newly revised course will give you the basics of line throwing, knot tying, boat handling, anchoring, navigation rules and aids, emergencies on the water and more.

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If you are a boating enthusiast, or want to be, this is the organization for YOU!


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Participate in educational and social activities, both on-the-water and ashore, throughout the year.

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Chili & Dessert Cook-Off - 25 February  details...

Membership Meeting & History of the Cape Fear  details...


America's Boating Course - 23-24 February  details...

Junior Navigation - 5 Mar  details...

Marine Electrical Systems (ME 101) - 6 March  details...

Weather - 10 April  details...

America's Boating Course - 18-19 May  details...

America's Boating Course - 24-25 August  details...

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